SideKick pre order(mail 10 June2018) Superhero Drool Pad, Teething Pad, Carrier Protector

  • $16.00

Handmade drool pad for baby carrier or baby car seat strap

Suitable for most baby carrier like as manduca, ergo, tula, boba,
measurement is approx 3.75 inch by 6 inch, so if your carrier is less than 4 inch

Snap clip closure
Matching tags for you to hook toys, pacifier
As this is handmade, the placement of fabrics may not look exactly like the photo
Revisible, so both side can be used

As this is handmade, so highly recommend you to choose registered mail

We are not responsible for lost of mail via normal mail

Absorbent batting lining in the middle layer to give better absorption.

Instead of washing the whole carrier, you can just wash to drool pad